Commercial Services & Pricing

Non Confined Space Commercial By Size (All Types)        

  • .5″ – 4″          $35.00
  • 4.5″ – 6″        $40.00
  • 8″ – up          $45.00

Confined Space Commercial By Size (All Types)

  • .5″ – 1″          $25.00
  • 1.5″ -4″          $55.00
  • 4.5″ – 6″        $60.00
  • 8″ – up          $65.00
  • Every vault or confined space on each property will be approached and treated like a “Permit Required” confined space to ensure tester safety.

Vault Pumping $20.00

  • Vaults and confined spaces that are full of water will automatically be pumped dry so that the backflow technician can safely enter the confined space or vault and properly perform the necessary backflow prevention test.

Labor Repair Rate $45.00 per Hour + Parts

  • Should your backflow device not pass the initial test and inspection our qualified technicians will assess the situation and provide you with a proper quote to repair your backflow device to ensure it will pass re-testing and ensure safe drinking water.
  • Cascadia Backflow warranties all parts and labor for one full testing cycle. Should the device fail after repair work has been completed the repair is on us.


For properties with more than one backflow assembly we offer a multi-device discount.