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Backflow is when the direction of water reverses course. This can become hazardous if chemicals, bacteria or other harmful objects enter the drinking water. Not only can this create an immediately hazardous situation, it can also cause piping to become contaminated and unsafe for general consumption.


Backflow prevention devices help to prevent hazardous materials from entering the drinking water, helping to keep you and your family safe.


In the state of Oregon if you have backflow prevention devices on your property, you’ve probably received a notice to have your devices tested. Many people wonder why they are required to test them annually. The answer is quite simple, it is to ensure that the drinking water is safe and protected from potential cross contamination hazards.

All backflow prevention devices must be tested annually by a Licensed & Certified Backflow Tester. Cascadia Backflow makes compliance easy by servicing your backflow testing, installation, and repair needs all in the effort to ensure safe clean drinking water.


Cascadia Backflow employs state licensed and certified backflow technicians to properly test and service each backflow device on your premises. We handle every detail. From scheduling your test, to filling out all compliance related paperwork, and to communicating the results to your local water provider to ensure you are in complete compliance.

Should the backflow device not  pass the initial test our qualified technicians are able to diagnose the problem and provide you with an affordable quote to ensure passage of the device upon re-testing. All repair work is warrantied for one full testing cycle to ensure you have peace of mind.

All of our backflow testers receive regular safety training to protect you and our technicians. Each backflow technician receives annual Confined-Space Entry training and certification to ensure proper vault entry procedures are followed. This allows us to safely work in confined spaces such as utility vaults, utility tunnels, and other hazardous areas.

All of our backflow technicians wear a company assigned uniform and safety vest to make them identifiable to you while they are servicing and testing your backflow prevention assembly.


Schedule your Backflow Test Today and be Worry Free!

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